It starts with the few toys but ends with the truckloads of them. Isn't it? And every kid has a playroom of their own where they have a special time with their toys. Hehe.

Talking about the playroom, what does your kids' playroom look like? Is it fun or just an open space with cabinets and shelves? Do you feel like turning it all over into a real, fancy and functional one at the same time?

How about decorating the space for your cute ones?

What To Do?

Often decoration is misunderstood with redesigning, while it means to make something more attractive. And kids playroom decoration doesn't need to be complex; with some of the stuff, it will be all done.

For decorating the playroom, the list of ideas is never-ending. Go for the ones that could make your kids all excited and hyped up.

We have listed some of the most sorted ones that will do the job without any efforts. Apart from decoration, these are perfect organization and storage options. Let's look at what these are.

Use Cute Storage Boxes

Your kids might have a sea of toys, but do they have options for storing them all in? What could be prettier than the cute bins for storing the toys? You must have observed that the toys come in cardboard boxes that tend to degrade over time, making the playroom look all cluttered. And once taken out, the toys never seem to fit back in the right way they came like.

Replace the boxes with the bins. It would ensure giving a subtle look as well as help in keeping the playroom essentials segregated.

Hang a Hammock

Your kid must have a bundle of stuffed toys. You could use this as one of your ideas for decorating the kids' playroom. Hammock, as a decor option, would take none of your floor space. Hang it anywhere you want to in the room, on the wall or in the corner.

Kids can place their range of toys, stuffed animals or even themselves in the hammock if it is a big one! What a fun thing it will be for your kiddos!

Stick Wall Decals

After some time, everyone gets rid of looking and coming back to the same space. So do the kids. Sticking wall decals is the creative decor idea for adding some pop and fun vibe into the kids' playroom.

You could use colourful, printed decals, wall painting for transforming the boring walls into the playroom's lively walls. Personalizing the walls with such creations would be a visual treat for your kids.

Label Everything

Does your little one know where to place the toys, books or different items? Or do they stuff all in? If yes, it is suggested to decorate with labels.

Labels have entered the pantry, kitchen bedrooms, so why not in playrooms for your kids? Ahh, the most sorted decor solution. Not only decoration but an organizing and learning solution. You know how? Labels could keep all the clutter away from the room.

Label all the boxes, bins your kids have in their playroom. By looking at the labels, the little one will clearly know what to place where and will enjoy the activity of looking and reading the labels out loud before putting in the items. 

After labelling, you and your kids won't have to search in the whole room or toss the bins. Just in a peek, you'll get what you want! Labelling would also ensure your kids that they have a dedicated space for each and everything.

Add A Chalkboard

A fun decor option on which kids can scribble whenever and whatever they want to. It would keep you at relief from the thought of cleaning the dirty walls when stepping into the playroom.

Playroom Labels at Pretty Little Designs!

Not leaving you only with the decor ideas, but with the solution to implement the decoration. At Pretty Little Designs, we offer custom Playroom/Toy Storage Labels, which could completely enhance your kids' playroom decor.

You need to label the boxes once, and your kids will take care of putting things in the right box next time. You can even take help from their father and make him in charge of the kid's room cleanliness. With properly labelled boxes and kids doing all the sorting, nobody would mind being a Cleanliness Captain and earn some points by just watching.

Deanna Foster