Did you know Australians use more than 150,000km of wrapping paper every Christmas?

That’s enough paper to wrap around the Earth’s equator almost four times, and that stuff is not recyclable, my friend.

Sure, wrapping gifts is a Christmas tradition in its own right, and everyone loves seeing their favourite people’s faces light up when they eagerly rip open a thoughtful gift, but maybe it’s time to do things a little differently.

Christmas gifts mindfully with PLD

Save time and reduce waste with eco-friendly gift wrapping

Our range of personalised Santa sacks and stockings is your fuss-free, eco-friendly bff this festive season.

Say goodbye to spending hours wrapping and labelling each gift individually, getting sticky tape stuck to the furniture, and working out how the heck to gift-wrap a basketball, and say hello to easy, breezy wrapping.

With a personalised sack or stocking from PLD, your Christmas wrapping is done in a flash, and you’ll save a heap of waste from going into a landfill.

Pretty and practical

Forget the daggy Santa cartoon wrapping paper and that nasty metallic plastic ribbon stuff.

Quality, personalised, reusable Santa sacks and stockings are where it’s at.

Whether your style is traditional, minimalist, or a little bit fancy we’ve got a huge collection of designs and colours to choose from, no matter your decor aesthetics or chosen theme this Christmas.

And there’s something for every member of the fam, even your precious fur friends.

Personalise Christmas

There’s something extra special about personalised stockings and sacks on Christmas Day.

They make it super-easy to keep things tidy in the chaos of the day, and they’re easy to match with your interior styling or Christmas theme.

From traditional green and red to monochrome to North Pole chic, we’ve got you covered.

Our range includes options for personalisation on the sack or stocking itself, as well as regular sacks and stockings with personalised acrylic or wooden name tags.

Make it a tradition

Imagine your loved ones waking up to a personalised Santa sack or stocking at the end of their beds on Christmas morning? 

No more worrying about waking them with the rustling of paper or something falling out of the bag as you sneak into their bedrooms at midnight. You’ll be like stealth Santa - in and out in a flash!

Designed to be reused and treasured for years to come, they’re a gorgeous addition to your family’s Christmas traditions.

That’s a wrap

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Much Love, Deanna x

Deanna Foster