A pantry is one of the most vital areas of your kitchen space. Since you use it quite frequently every day, it should be functional and organised. A well-maintained pantry not only keeps your kitchen items at one place but also helps you to avoid chaos while cooking.

Before designing your pantry, consider the following things that will help you to assess your storage and space needs in a better way:

  • The Number of Times You Go for Grocery Shopping: Assess whether you purchase your supplies every month or week, and store your items accordingly. 
  • The Kind of Storage Style You Want for Your Pantry: You can choose from several options such as drawers, cabinet-style, open shelves, etc.
  • The Space for Storing Your Cooking Appliances: If you want to keep your OTG, mixer, serving utensils, coffee-maker etc., you need a large pantry space.

What Kind of Pantry Unit Is the Most Suitable for Your Kitchen?

Once you have decided your space and storage requirements, you can now select from the following types of pantry units:

Open-Shelves Save Space and Remain Clutter-Free

When you have a small kitchen area, an open style pantry unit is ideal for you. It is also perfect when you do not cook regularly and want a minimal pantry space in your kitchen. You even do not have to worry about your items getting cluttered or messy. 

Walk-In Pantry Keeps Your Items Organised 

When you have a large kitchen space, a walk-in pantry is the best for you. You can not only store your pantry supplies, but also your cooking appliances. Storing several items in your walk-in pantry can confuse you. To help with it, you can use Push top pantry containers.


Moreover, you can give your pantry an aesthetic look with these containers. They are airtight, with a silicone lid, which keeps your ingredients fresh for a longer time. You can keep your walk-in pantry more organised and functional with these containers. 

A Closed or Cabinet-Style Pantry Requires Less Space 

A closed pantry is a perfect choice when you have limited space. You can also customise the interior according to your storage needs. You can install sliding drawers or fixed shelves to store your kitchen ingredients. Moreover, this type of pantry unit requires fewer efforts and time to clean and organise. 

Explore New & Effective Options While Designing Your Dream Pantry

Add Functionality to Your Pantry with Customised Labels 

Just like you label your books, stationery or any other item, you can label your pantry containers too. Often your pantry ends up messy while you are looking for an item or spending way too much time searching for an ingredient.

Printed pantry & spice label packs help you avoid the above problems by keeping the items in your pantry sorted. You can use customised labels for your spice racks, oil bottles, staples, snacks, etc. They will help you with easy identification and save a lot of your valuable time while cooking. 


Dedicate an Entire Wall for Your Pantry Supplies 

Nowadays, you can also incorporate a large-sized pantry by dedicating an entire wall for it. It is quite popular in a galley kitchen where you can store all your staples, serving ware, cooking appliances, wines at a single place. You can also customise the height of racks, shelves as per your needs in your pantry.


Your dream pantry is a result of efficient planning and smart organisational tricks. And labelling is definitely one of them. If you are someone who is looking for customised labels for your pantry, then feel free to contact us. We would love to create personalised and high-quality labels for your pantry space.

Deanna Foster