Lit up your place and heart with the star lights and jingle bells as it is finally the time for celebrating the awaited season of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Enjoy the blissful view of snowfall with the glass of wine and plate of apple pie along with your loved ones.

This winter season, embrace the blessings of your family with open arms as they will convert a snowflake into a pearl with all the love.

This festive season there is no room for stress and anxiety.

We are bringing some tips & tricks for the proper sorting of your Christmas presents.

Use Colourful Labels

You can lighten up your gift and add a lively vibe to it by using colourful labels. Besides adding regular Christmas colours, you can add two luxurious metallic labels (gold & silver perfectly suited for the occasion). These labels will add a tint of texture and pattern to it.

Use Transparent Labels for Decorative Packaging

Avoid covering up your background design; instead, keep your wrapping visible by using transparent labels.

Use Personalized Labels

Make your gift extra special by adding personalized labels to it. We have multiple options like printing the full name or just your guest's initials, adding images or photographs, and festive fonts. You can get designs customized according to your preferences and choices or add a logo to your corporate presents.

We have options for adding personalized gift tags, name tags, etc.

Keeping Design Simple and Sleek

Using every design in a label is never a good idea. You will end up with a messy, cluttered design that might prevent your sticky labels from actually doing their job. Go for simple ones that can still enhance your gift's charm, as simplicity is a delight to the eye.

Take Care of The Background and Borders

Avoid adding borders to the design as the text will only be restricted to it; keep it freestyle. The background should match the theme of the packaging. If not so, it will result in a clumsy and cluttered design.

Labels for Home Decoration

The joy of celebration multiplies in children's company, which is evident, especially on festivals like Christmas. You must be having creative ideas, and it may not be possible for you to imply all of them by yourself. Engage them in customizing your gift labels so that they and their friends are happy too.

Labels for Corporates

The celebration must be with all the traditions and rituals. But in this busy schedule, it is not possible to get it all done in a day. We value your time and assist you in celebrating festivities with the same excitement and decoration by adding these labels, which will add to employees’, colleagues’, partners’, and clients' happiness.

Making labels could be difficult for you, but do not you worry. We are just one click away. Connect with us to order some beautiful labels from Pretty Little Designs. Make this year full of colours and joy.

Deanna Foster