Cabinets and drawers are essential for maintaining an organised home. However, they can be challenging to keep on top of.

Knowing how to organise kitchen cabinets and drawers can feel daunting, but at Pretty Little Designs, we are here to help. With everything from a quality cabinet organiser to easy kitchen organisation tips, we have what you need to take control of your space and achieve the home organisation system of your dreams.

Take Everything Out and Take Stock

Most kitchens will often have what is known as a “messy drawer”. The drawer where anything and everything is shoved in and stored for a rainy day. Whether it is appliance manuals, batteries, string, or menus, this approach to cabinet and drawer storage can be a slippery slope.

When you start to organise kitchen cabinets and drawers, take everything out and prepare to consider each item. If you use it sparingly or need it as part of your kitchen space, it should not be housed in your cabinets or drawers. Following kitchen organisation tips like this decluttering process will yield an incredible amount of space for you to work with and help alleviate some of the pressure you may feel about learning how to organise kitchen cabinets and drawers.

 Invest in a Kitchen Cabinet Organiser

One of the best kitchen organisation tips is to invest in a drawer or cabinet organiser. These products are specifically designed to introduce calm to the kitchen chaos and create a streamlined effect that enhances your organisation systems and overall aesthetic.

Whether you choose a Lazy Susan, stacking shelves, or an expandable drawer organiser, these products will help to set you up for success, no matter the organisational challenge

Experiment with Storage Solutions

Part of maintaining your kitchen cabinets and drawers is finding the right storage solutions for your home. While there are many organisation tips to try, you can only find success with the products and strategies that fit your lifestyle and routine.

Explore different storage solutions, like a cabinet organiser, pantry storage containers or coordinated baskets and tubs, to find what works for you. Investing in quality products like those in our PLD range will help you organise kitchen cabinets and guarantee that you enjoy years of high-performance use to ensure that your storage solution will serve you well in the future.

Place Items Where You Will Use Them

This might seem like one of the more obvious kitchen organisation tips, but it can take time to achieve.

Part of attaining a successful flow in your home is knowing how to organise kitchen cabinets and drawers to reflect how you interact with your space. For example, where is the best place to access your cups and mugs? Where will be the most suitable location for your utensils and appliances? How can you make the best use of your cabinet organiser?

Asking yourself these questions will ensure that you think ahead and optimise your storage solutions.

Organise Your Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers with PLD

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Deanna Foster