Getting anything done can feel like a struggle when surrounded by clutter and disorganisation. In contrast, at-home office organisation can help improve mental focus and productivity. It makes sense, right? Clutter-free office, clutter-free mind. 

The key to realising your home office organisation ideas is to prevent rubbish and clutter from cumulating in the first place. This will keep your focus clear and you goal-oriented without worrying about cleaning and organising your office space. 

Home Office Organisation Ideas

At Pretty Little Designs, we have a variety of awesome office organisation ideas that will keep your workspace chaos and clutter-free. Inspired by our fabulous collection of organisation and storage solutions, here are 5 of the best ways to organise your home office without breaking the bank. 

1.  Keep Desk Accessories Clean & Simple 

It doesn’t take much to overwhelm a desk. Stray pens, loose papers and endless sticky notes not only upend your desk organisation but are also unnecessary distractions that prevent you from staying on track. With products like our Organise Everything Drawer Starter Kit, you can keep your desktop free of clutter, with only your office essentials taking pride of place. 

2.  Use Shelving for at Home Office Organisation

Embrace open shelves and storage solutions for your home office organisation ideas. These shelves can be adapted to present a chic arrangement of quality storage tubs, organisers and more! Not only will these help you keep all your home office essentials neatly stored, but they will also provide a beautifully styled visual effect that adds to your overall home office aesthetic. We know, awesome. 

3.  Awesome Office Organisation Ideas with Cubbies

Did you know that a cubby may be the best organisational tool you have ever had? It’s true! Versatile and easy to use, cubbies are one of the best home office organisation ideas. A cubby system is naturally neat and perfectly proportioned. You can include your favourite storage containers and custom labels for a personal twist, obscuring any unattractive items or out-of-place materials as you go. 

4.  Maintain a Bin System for at Home Office Organisation 

Bins and storage containers give your home office a clear sense of order. Whether you use a couple of designs on your desktop or create a wall of storage, these helpful home office organisation items can transform your space. One of our awesome office organisation ideas at Pretty Little Designs, our Heavenly Pink Storage Range, offers a pretty aesthetic to add to any home office bin system. 

5.  Make the Most of Paper Holders for Desk Organisation 

Desktop papers are a standard feature in any office space, even those making the transition to being paperless. To keep them under control, using items like Acrylic Desk Organisers or Clutch Organisers for your office desk organisation provides a stylish and practical solution to all your paper problems. 

Discover Awesome Office Organisation Ideas with PLD

With so many opportunities for optimising your home office organisation, you cannot afford not to check out our incredible collections at Pretty Little Designs. Browse our range online today and find the perfect products to achieve your dream office and desk organisation!

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Deanna Foster