When you decorate with bamboo, there are endless opportunities to explore your creativity and enhance your home décor. Bamboo is a beautiful, versatile material that elevates anything from furnishings to decorative pieces. One of the simplest ways to decorate with bamboo without breaking the bank is using quality glass containers with bamboo lids. Simple yet effective, these designs can transform a space. 

Decorate with Bamboo Jars & Containers 

Before you can experiment with your bamboo decoration, you need the proper containers for the job. At Pretty Little Designs, we offer variety of the best glass containers with bamboo lids, ready to complement any décor style. 

Once you have your bamboo essentials, it’s time to get creative! Here are 5 home décor ideas you can try with your beautiful bamboo pieces. 

1. Decorate with Dry Organic Materials

Popular with many interior design themes, dry organic materials like moss, grass, shells, and pebbles can bring an element of natural beauty to any home. When you decorate with bamboo jars and containers, these materials provide a stunning aesthetic at an affordable price. Be sure to keep the scale of the objects in sync with their container so as not to compromise the effect. 

 2. Potpourri & Decorative Objects 

When you decorate with bamboo, you can create eye-catching centrepieces that provide a feast for the senses. Select the best glass containers with bamboo lids to match your décor and experiment with large potpourri, dried blossoms, and decorative objects. Together, these items will provide a striking display and a pleasantly scented aroma that you can enjoy 24/7. 

3. Submerged Floral Displays

Looking for a calming, peaceful twist on how you decorate with bamboo? Skip the traditional flower arrangements and experiment with full submersion with an underwater floral display. Using one of the best glass containers with bamboo lids from our PLD collection, you can create your submerged floral arrangement in no time. Attach the bottom of the flower stems to a couple of washers with some floral wire and add a decorative layer of crystals or sand to disguise these features. Next, slowly fill the jars with water and watch as the blooms appear suspended in time. 

4. Craft Materials 

Whether you are drawn to beads, crystals, corks, sequins, or buttons, craft materials make a great addition to your décor when you are looking to decorate with bamboo jars. The best glass containers with bamboo lids from PLD provide an ideal home for your eye-catching materials. Experiment with colour, texture, and size to create an appealing aesthetic to set off your home décor. 

 5. Plants & Natural Materials 

One of the best ways to enhance glass containers with bamboo lids is to embrace the natural. Gather acorns, pinecones, or similar raw materials to provide a beautiful blend of earth tones in your home. When you decorate with bamboo glass in this way, it works particularly well with home décor that boasts a rustic or farmhouse-style interior. Try spraying these materials with paint or glitter for a unique twist! 

 Decorate with Bamboo Today with Our PLD Collection 

If you are ready to experience the versatile beauty of bamboo, browse our Bamboo Glass Storage collection at Pretty Little Designs today! Ideal for all your decoration and organisation projects, our glass containers with bamboo lids are just some of our incredible products!

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Deanna Foster