It’s finally here!

Pretty Little Designs HQ is ready for business and we’re looking to celebrate in style! Opening our doors on the 2nd of July, we’re excited to share our joy and achievements with you!

After years of dedication and effort growing this business, our team at PLD are proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited to see what the future holds. We are thrilled to expand our offerings now both in-store and online, and continue to help our customers achieve their organisational goals in their homes.

Now, here’s a quick sneak peek into what you can expect at our grand opening!

What’s In Store for the Grand Opening?

Thrilled to finally share our new brick-and-mortar store with our incredible customers, our PLD team simply cannot wait to officially open to the public. Showcasing our beautiful products and the different ways they can be adapted to your home to create visually stunning, functional organisation systems, our grand opening is the perfect opportunity for you to come and experience our selections in person. Speak with our staff for all the inside information about who we are, what we offer, and how you can enjoy the best of our PLD collections.

Real Life Mock-Ups for Organisation Inspiration

Providing life-sized representations of how our products can be applied in your home is a key feature of our PLD store. Visit to see our mock-ups and gain first-hand inspiration to organise your home areas with our collections. Ideal for those unsure of what will best suit their needs, our grand opening is the perfect event to help you decide which products you want to invest in before purchasing. Our mock-ups include:

Pantry Displays

When it comes to organising your pantry, things can quickly become overwhelming. One of the main challenges is efficiently sorting the contents of your kitchen pantry into categories and finding a system that helps you find what you’re looking for with ease. Visit us in-store and see how our range of products like our Push Top Pantry Containers and Glass Canister Jars can create a stylishly organised pantry. Why not even let us help you get things off the ground with products like our Styled Simply Pantry Starter Kit?

Laundry Displays

Replacing unsightly detergent containers and finding the perfect home for errant pegs and accessories are great ways to streamline the way you organise your laundry. Clearly labelled storage tubs and glass jars work to create an easy flow for any space, ensuring you enjoy a smooth laundry process and never lose another sock!

Shower Displays

Do half-empty shampoo bottles clutter your shower? At our PLD grand opening, you can see how our premium bathroom bottles, pumps and labels can offer your shower space a clean, uniform look that appeals to everyone’s inner neat freak!

Bathroom Displays

Whatever your décor choices, with our real-life mock-ups at PLD, you can visualise how our collections of luxe bathroom bottles and cleaning labels can help transform your bathroom. Avoid mountains of hygiene products and the endless search for stray accessories with re-fill bottles and pumps, and our stylish storage baskets.

Fridge Displays

Keeping your food fresher for longer with simple storage solutions is the goal for any fridge make-over. Visit us at PLD to see just how our range of products like Keeper Containers and Under-Shelf Drawers can transform your fridge. You can even enjoy our selection of starter kits for inspiration on how to overhaul this essential kitchen space.

In-Home Consults

If you’re looking for that extra bit of help when it comes to organising the key areas of your home, you can get in touch with our PLD fairy godmother of organisation to come and work her magic! Offering tailored plans to help you achieve your organisational goals, this unique service provides for our client’s needs according to any budget. No matter where you are, our in-store and virtual consult bookings are available today!

Find All of Your Favourite Items Available Online & In-Store

At our new PLD store, all of your favourite items will be on show so that you can see the different ways they can be used to enhance your home systems and elevate spaces. Available for purchase in-store and online, enjoy some of our best sellers, like our Everyday Essential Pantry Label Packs and Push Top Pantry Container Sets. You can also take advantage of our incredible 15% discount on our stunning, recently re-stocked Bamboo Range. Join us and find all your favourite items from PLD!

Join Us for the Grand Opening on 2nd July

So, if you are in WA come the 2nd of July, we would love to see your face at our new PLD HQ, located at Unit 2, 65 Reserve Drive, Mandurah! If you are out of town and unable to attend, why not sign up for our newsletter and explore our various collections online so that you never miss another PLD update? To learn more contact our friendly team today!

Deanna Foster


Hi I would really love to come
To your opening but for the life of me I can’t find the time in your invite, am I blind 😂 could you please let me know what time the opening starts so I can be there with bells on!

— Tash Gollan