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Are you fed up with seeing the old, boring, mismatched jars at every corner of your home? Having distinctive jars not only makes the section look cluttered but ends you up in confusion about what is in which one.

Bamboo Canisters for Organisation

But with canisters at Pretty Little Designs, this confusion and chaos can be a thing of the past! We have got a range of bamboo canisters that not only add a splash of style to the corner but eases you from a lot of things. 
Bamboo possesses many qualities like eco-friendly, strong, durable, heat, water-resistant, lightweight, and many more. These all make it a perfect and beautiful material for kitchenwares and jars. So, we at Pretty Little Designs offer a separate range of glass canisters with bamboo lid

Kitchen Bamboo Canisters

Whether you need to store cereals, pasta, cookies, legumes, rice, flour, baking items, spices, candies, coffee, snacks, dried food, or even liquids, we have glass canisters for storing every kitchen food staple. 
The bamboo lid of each jar comes with a silicone seal, which makes the lid close tightly. It prevents moisture or other odd odours from entering and ensures the ingredients stay fresh. These see-through jars make the display of ingredients beautiful and add a natural touch to the kitchen.

Multipurpose Canisters with Bamboo Lid

Not just in the kitchen or pantry, but our bamboo canisters are ideal for everywhere. Be it the workspace, the dressing room, the bathroom, the craft shelf, the laundry area, Everywhere! The bamboo canisters help in decluttering the space along with making it look gorgeous. 

Bamboo Lid Canisters at Pretty Little Designs! 

At Pretty Little Designs, we offer a wide variety of beautifully designed, minimalistic canisters with bamboo lids. These canisters are available in multiple shapes and sizes, from 100ML to 10L. You can order a single jar or even a set of varied sized jars.